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Browse the crowdsourced global catalogue of organisations empowering energy efficiency in the built environment world. Navigate, learn and download. Should you feel like a listed organisation is wrongly described, lacks reference, or you simply have something to comment on, feel free to engage in a discussion by clicking on the specific organisation’s name. This will redirect to the organisation’s passport where the community forum takes place improving the description accuracy to harmonise and standardise a shared definition.

Organization NameDescriptionHQ CountryWebsiteTypology
Habitech – Distretto Tecnologico Trentino

Cluster organization (around 130 members, mostly SMEs) performing sustainability market services for the construction sector …

Italywww.habitech.itNot for profit
PowerHouse Alliance

The Powerhouse represents a collaboration on the development of low carbon construction. The Powerhouse collaboration … / Private company

Research and Innovation

Norwaywww.ntnu.noUniversity / Research Institute

Czech Technical University in Prague, University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (CTU UCEEB) was founded …

Czech / Research Institute collects data from a number of living labs, and offer most of the data … for profit
Housing Finance Agency, Ireland

Established as a state-owned company in 1982, the Housing Finance Agency provides loan finance to …

The Housing Finance Corporation (THFC)

The Housing Finance Corporation (THFC) is the UK’s leading affordable housing aggregator. Set up in …

United / Alliance
The Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (HFRS)

The HFRS is a public real estate fund. It was founded in 1991 to finance …
Alliance for Sustainable and Inclusive Social Housing, France

The Alliance for Sustainable and Inclusive Social Housing (Alliance européenne pour un logement social durable … / Alliance

public housing organization that takes responsibility for our common future by ensuring energy and environmentally … profit Housing association
Politecnico di Torino

The research group at PoliTo carries out studies in the field of energy geostructures and …

Italywww.rockmech.polito.itUniversity / Research Institute
Rc Panels

Making the building envelope of tomorrow, today. Integrated roof and facade that can be mounted …

Netherlandswww.rcpanels.nlBusiness / Private company
Danfoss A/S

Providing solution for energy efficiency

Denmarkwww.danfoss.comBusiness / Private company
Geosolving Srl

Designers of shallow geothermal systems and energy geostructures

Italywww.geo-solving.comBusiness / Private company
IREC – Catalonia Institute for Energy Research

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of society with greater industrial competitiveness, …

Spainwww.irec.catUniversity / Research Institute
Center Denmark

Center Denmark gathers production and consumption data from all utility types (Elecctricity, Water, Waste Water, …

Denmarkwww.centerdenmark.comNot for profit

Fundeen model as an a alternative crowdlending platforms associated to renewable energy. They do several … / Private company
Add To My Mortgage

Point-of-sale finance platform for homeowners to quickly and simply invest in green home improvements, using …

United / Private company
Stichting Bo-Ex ’91

Housing Corporation

Netherlandswww.boex.nlNot for profit

Fundeen model as an a alternative crowdlending platforms associated to renewable energy. They do several … / Private company

Ecrowd model as an a alternative crowdlending platforms associated to renewable energy. They crowdfund smaller … / Private company
Nano power a.s.

By reusing battery cells and modules in new application – we are giving second life …

Czech Republicwww.nanopower.euBusiness / Private company

Delivers software systems and services for operational energy forecasting and optimization

Denmarkww.enfor.dkBusiness / Private company
IEA-EBC Programme

The IEA-EBC Programme is an international energy research and innovation programme in the buildings and … Tank

The European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP) is a leading … / Alliance
Palma City Council

The Palma City Council (PALMA) is the municipality government from the city of Palma in …
Institut Balear de l’Habitatge

Environmentally responsible social housing promotion

DTU researchers are actively doing research, teaching and collaborating with industry in this field. / Research Institute

Blocksquare’s solutions and APIs digitize the value of real estate properties, help launch investment platforms …

GECO Global is active in several research and development projects under EU Horizon 2020. GECO … / Private company

Collaborates as a Partner for the dissemination and involvement of stakeholders in EU Horizon2020 projects. / Private company

The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP) is a non-for-profit, independent research foundation … for profit

FACTOR 4 does building performance – helps managing the process of energy efficiency projects from … / Private company

Hebes provides building owners, building operators and tenants with tools to control the operation of … / Private company

Design of solutions dedicated to the culture of energy efficiency following a targeted path to … / Private company
Green Digital Finance Alliance

The GDFA is a not for profit foundation, as an alliance we count several members … for profit