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About Encyclopenergy

The Encyclopenergy is a crowd-open-sourced encyclopedia of energy efficiency enablers. It is a crowdsourced global catalogue of financing tools, business models, and regulatory frameworks enabling energy efficient solutions for the built environment.

Are you aware of any financing solutions, business model, policy and regulatory frameworks which enable energy efficiency in the built environment? We need your knowledge. 

Our mission

The encyclopenergy has a mission to create a contributor-based intelligence repository of worldwide financing solutions, business models, policy and regulatory frameworks which enable energy efficiency in the real-estate industry to offer a free knowledge compendium of enablers to support the scaling of decarbonisation pathways for the global built environment. 

Our Focus

Strong focus is given to innovative projects, demonstrations, pilot applications which push the boundaries of solutions, models and policies thanks to novel technologies and system thinking approaches.

Open Source

The “enablers” are either crowd-sourced (give us a hand and enrich the encyclopenergy with your knowledge) or identified and qualified by the Green Digital Finance Alliance (not for profit registered in Switzerland) or its partners comprising associations, universities or recognised market experts.

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We are facing an accelerating climate crisis, growing inequality, lack of access to affordable homes, and lack of equal opportunities for all. Cities and their buildings are at the heart of the problem, and therefore also at the heart of the solution.

Buildings emit carbon in two ways: through daily use (known as operational carbon emissions) and via the manufactured cement, steel, and iron used to make them (known as embodied carbon emissions). When adding building construction industry emissions, the building sector accounts for 38% of all energy-related CO2 emissions. However, when buildings operate more efficiently, they consume less energy, reducing GHG emissions per unit.

To reduce building emissions, we need to make energy efficiency mainstream. Yet, fast and disruptive changes are challenging to achieve, given the industry’s conservative nature and the multitude of stakeholders and end-users that need to be addressed. As a result, buildings’ energy efficiency is not moving fast enough to meet the Paris Agreement goals. Therefore, a foundational step to empower the shift is to be aware of the best solutions change-makers came up with to address this challenge. Today, information about existing enablers are scattered, definition loosens, and we do not have time.

Encyclopenergy is on a mission to become a repository of innovative financing solutions, business models, and regulatory frameworks to standardise, harmonise and spread knowledge for the transferability of practical energy efficiency models. 

Do you want to make your knowledge about energy efficiency enablers available to others?

Populate the encyclopenergy, discuss and learn about other enablers. The encyclopenergy may be for you, and needs people like you to grow further! Our contributor-based network aims to support the development of new technologies, financing solutions, business models, and regulatory frameworks that create incentives for improving energy efficiency in the global built environment.